Great Northern Coffee


Guatemala   Ethiopian Yrgacheffe   Colombia Supremo Dark



Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


Colombia Supremo Dark

A superb coffee from the high mountains of Guatemala. This is a rich full flavored coffee with a snappy acidity.


This is an intriquing coffee; a washed Ethiopian grown at an altitude of 8,000 feet. It has an outstanding aroma , mellow body and a pleasant complexity. This is a medium roast.


Roasted to a rich dark brown, a stronger flavor with heavier body. A great after dinner coffee.



5Country of Origin Variety Pack

Not sure of your recipients taste? Send a wonderful assortment. This beautiful gift combines a superb coffee from the high mountains of Guatemala, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, with it's outstanding aroma, mellow body and a pleasant complexity and Colombia Supremo Dark, a great after dinner coffee. We ship in our special gift box, including a hand written gift card with your custom message.

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