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Kona Coffee


Kona Extra Fancy is the highest grade of 100% Kona coffee available. Pure Kona Coffee comes from the Kona Coffee Belt, a stretch ofland about 1 mile wide by 30 miles long. According to state regulations, only coffee grown in the Kona Belt can be called Kona Coffee. Coffee grown outside the Kona Belt is Hawaiian, but not Kona Coffee. We sell 100% Kona Coffee.

The large size and high density of these beans all contribute to an exceptional taste in the cup. This is a highly sought after bean among the world's coffee connoisseurs. 100% pure Kona coffee has an intoxicating aroma that is known not just in Hawaii but all around the world with coffee drinkers that love a great cup of coffee.

Our Kona coffee is fresh roasted and ready for your pure enjoyment!


Kona Extra Fancy

Grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa, a premium coffee that is full bodied
and flavorful; with a mellow straight forward character.

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Locally Roasted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming